The Right Webstore For 21st Century Ecommerce Needs

Everything it seems can be purchased online these days thanks to the massive growth in ecommerce. But not every webstore is always kitted out to be the best they can be.Shop Online

The ease of navigation for any site has importance as great as any content, sometimes greater. It seems obvious to say that this is no more vital anywhere else than with online shops but there is still a very large amount of sites that still don’t follow some simple key rules.

Follow the supermarket model

Supermarkets change their layouts all the time to encourage regular shoppers to look around the whole store. I don’t mean to say that an ecommerce site’s layout should be changed frequently but it should be geared in such a way that viewers are given easy opportunities to see as much of the stuff that they might buy as possible. Little thumbnail pictures are perfect to show lots of products on one page and links from each product to similar items that a customer might like are two of many ways to achieve this.

Once someone has got to the point of wanting to buy something make sure they can find the place to pay as quickly as possible. As many retail stores will tell you, a significant amount of custom is lost every year due to people having impulse buys that they change their minds on simply because they didn’t find a cashier straight away. The “basket” and “pay here” buttons should be screaming out to people once they select items.

The customer is always right

One of the dreams of ecommerce against other retail for workers is that they don’t have to face angry customers. This may be true but not allowing customers the chance to voice their concerns will lead to them voting with their feet and not coming back. Many countries have strict laws that protect customer rights but people aren’t always aware of this. A good terms and conditions section that highlights applicable rights will not only show customers that your ecommerce webstore is genuine and upfront but also prevent the extreme ones from going to customer rights bodies to pursue their cases.

Shopping & Checking Phone

A great rule to remember is that 1 refund may cost you in the short term but an angry customer blogging and shouting will cost in the long term.

The right to rate

Going one step further and allowing customers to comment on the products on your site is an even better way to get them on side. There are plenty of consumer review and ratings sites out there anyway so if they don’t comment on yours they will be doing so elsewhere. At least when comments and ratings are in clear site you can deal with them openly and equally highlight the ones that say how great you are!

It is worth encouraging people to go to the popular review sites as well though. This will work as advertising for other consumers when the comments are good and whether they are good or bad, the extra backlinks will do wonders for your page rankings.

Are you making the most of your online presence to maximize sales?

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