Simple Strategies For Getting More YouTube Views

Every switched on marketer knows that YouTube videos are essential for driving traffic and generating inbound leads.YouTube Sketch Notes

So once they’ve started dabbling with creating videos for YouTube, the natural question that most online marketers will ask next is “How do I get more views?” If your’e just starting out with YouTube marketing, there are a few essential steps that are easy to implement and will guarantee more views for your production.

Use an eye catching title: As with blog posts, movies or books – a catchy title draws people in and sparks their interest before viewing a second of footage.

Keep it short and sweet: People don’t come to YouTube to watch feature length films, they want something short and entertaining. By keeping your videos short (under 5 minutes) and packed with content relevant to your audience, you’ll be much more likely to hold their attention for the duration of the video.

Leverage other networks: Make sure you leverage your other networks to drive traffic to your site. Post links on your facebook page, tweet about it, and mention it in your blog. YouTube make it very easy to share their content on other networks – so its important you utilize this functionality.

Social Network Understanding

Be consistent: Regularly posting good content is a great way to ensure people keep coming back. If your audience know they can expect fresh and interesting content every time they check your channel – they’ll be more likely to do it often.

Keep it simple: Many people approach YouTube marketing with the expectation that they’ll create the next viral hit. Realistically though, with the amount of content being loaded onto YouTube every minute, it’s unlikely your video is going to go viral overnight and score millions of views. So, keep it simple – and rather than trying to make your cat do something funny on camera, just focus on creating interesting and relevant content that will deliver what your target audience is looking for. Getting 1000 views from potential prospects is much more valuable than a million views from people looking for a quick laugh.

Opitimize your descriptions and tags: Optimization is a vital component which is often overlooked. Taking the time to create a detailed description which includes relevant keywords will make your video much more findable by people searching for information on the topic. Be sure to include the keywords in your tags as well.

While these tips may seem quite simplistic and obvious – it’s these simple and obvious things that are often neglected, and cost businesses hundreds or even thousands of views for their videos.

What techniques have worked best for you in promoting YouTube videos? 

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  • Great points. I just uploaded my first video. These are great tips. I’m definitely going to make my video shorter next time, especially since going through the analytic for my video.

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