In seo, The Turtle And The Hare Wear Different Colour Hats

When a site first goes live it’s an exciting time, but the thrill doesn’t run for long before you are desperate to push that traffic counter through the roof. When the steady but plodding unique visitor counter just isn’t inspiring enough it’s very difficult to stick to the honorable white hat SEO techniques and black hat SEO options quickly become appealing.

Hare & Tortoise

Everyone knows that over the long term white hat SEO will always deliver the best results for any website. This is never truer than for a commercial operation or a blog aimed at building the reputation of an individual. But when we are desperate to just get more people to our sites it is very tempting to just take a few shortcuts. We convince ourselves that the odd misplaced backlink or some shameless ppc program running is just to get our sites higher up the indexes so that the masses will finally see them. We tell ourselves it’s only fair and that there is really no chance of building that rank without taking the odd shot in the arm boost.

You Always Get Found Out

Search engine indexing spiders are getting smarter and smarter when it comes to ranking sites and their burgeoning blacklist looms over many a site that may currently be thinking that it’s home free. It is true that there are many ways to disguise a black hat SEO approach to growing a site but just be aware that for every current method there is, there are likely 2 Google programmers working on spider upgrades that will work around them.

But even putting that aside, people will happily vote with their feet (so to speak) whether an engine’s indexing tools spot malpractice or not. The power of word of mouth has always been king and it grows stronger with the internet and social media taking over. Black hat SEO traffic is unmistakable when it comes to the kind of interaction it leaves on blog comments, consumer feedback and anything else on the site that allows interaction. Not only will black hat SEO traffic not purchase anything from your site but it also wont tell its friends about you.Cover Mouth

The Genuine Article

Only real people retweet pages they have come across that they think will interest their friends. Only genuine browsers start Facebook conversations and click on ‘like’ pages related to a site. It is this kind of traffic growth only found in white hat SEO approaches that has been pivotal in the success of the websites that have molded the meteoric rise of the internet’s role in modern lifestyle.

It may take longer to build this type of userbase and it certainly will take more manned hours and creative thought but the foundations it builds will cement stable growth that will continue throughout the life of any site.

Try It Yourself

It is not too difficult to find lists of dos and don’ts on the internet so instead of reduplicating one of those (we all know deep down what is a no-no anyway) I’ll leave you with the 3 questions I ask every day and advise all my followers to do when checking that their site is nurturing a white hat wearing tortoise and not falling into the trap of the hare with the black hat:

  • Would I come to this site for the information I’m uploading (is it informative)?
  • Do I need to come here to find it (it is up to date)?
  • Do I feel welcome here (can I find my way around/is content interacted with)?
Have you been caught out using black hat SEO techniques? What were the consequences?
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