How To Become A Bounty Hunter On Twitter

targeted twitter followers

A lot of businesses jump onto Twitter and instantly start trying to recruit as many followers as they can. From a marketing perspective this makes about as much sense as putting an ad for a retirement village into a teenage girls magazine; you’d completely miss your target market.

Twitter is no different to other mediums you may choose to market your business; your goal should be to reach your target demographic with your message – anyone outside of that is wasted effort.

Bounty Hunter Tips

So how do you zero in on your target market like a bounty hunter zeroes in on their mark? Here are 5 tips to help you get started:Hunter Shoes

Search the lists of closely related users: For example, if you were an author in a particular niche, you could go to Amazon and check which authors are the best sellers in your niche. Then find the profiles of these authors on twitter, and start following their followers. Be sure to try and avoid the ones that look like spammers or bots. You’ll probably find after going through the first few that you’re pretty bored of the process, however you should have followed a significant number of new people who are likely to follow you back, since they’ve shown they’re interested in what you have to offer.

Use twitter advanced search: Twitter’s advanced search tool is highly under utilized for this purpose. Not only can you search for specific terms related to your industry or field – you can narrow it down to a geographic level. All you have to do is enter the keywords relevant to your industry, along with the geographic location you’d like to target – and you’ll be provided with all the tweets matching your search in real time. Then all you need to do is go through the tweets and analyze the users to find the ones who are relevant to your account, or who’s problems you can solve. This people are likely to not just follow back, but follow your tweets as well.

Tailor your content: The content you post on Twitter says everything about your brand image, and will also determine the kind of people that follow you. By analyzing your target market and assessing the kind of content that will be of most interest to them, you’ll be able to recruit a much more relevant following.

targeted twitter followers

there are several ways to find more targeted twitter followers

Run comps with targeted prizes: Similar to tailoring your content, running competitions with prizes that are selected based on being of specific interest to your target market will help deliver a highly relevant following. Avoid generic prizes such as cinema vouchers or cash prizes which will attract anyone looking for freebies, and select prizes which will be of particular interest to your target audience.

Start Hunting

With these handy tips in your arsenal you can avoid wasting time attracting followers who offer no value to your business. Additionally, you should start noticing a much higher quality in your following, increased engagement and most importantly better lead generation.

What technniques do you use for targeting on Twitter?

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