LinkedIn Profile: Why You Shouldn’t Treat It Like A Facebook Profile

Many Linkedin users think spending 5 minutes to upload their photo and fill in some basic info is all you need to do to have connection requests rolling in the door.. 

Your Linkedin profile isn’t like your Facebook profile though. Simply putting enough info so people can identify you is fine on Facebook, because the majority of people you’ll communicate with are friends – so it’s kind of like a phone number, it doesn’t need to impress anyone (despite some people spending quite a bit of time touching up their profile pics), it just needs to let people know who you are.LinkedIn4

Linkedin Isn’t Facebook..

Linkedin on the other hand isn’t intended for casual socializing between friends – in contrast to Facebook it’s quite purposeful. Where people login to Facebook often to kill time, kind of like watching a sitcom, when someone logs into LinkedIn they’ll usually have a specific purpose in mind. This might be finding a new recruit, trying to be recruited, looking for leads, offering business solutions – and the list goes on..

Because people are often looking for something or someone they don’t know about already – for example a new recruit – their decision on who will be most appropriate for the postion will be strongly influenced by the quality of profiles they look at.

How To Stand Out

So, how do you create a profile that stands out in the (very large) linked in crowd? For most profiles to improve, it’s not about what they are doing with them already – it’s what they’re not doing. Here are 5 simple add-ons for your profile that could make the difference between being successful in scoring that awesome job or converting the lead, and failing.

In of LinkedIn

1. Complete your profile: This sounds stupidly obvious, but you’d be blown away at the number of people who don’t. There’s no excuse for it either, as Linkedin provide a simple guage to show you what percent of your profile is complete. Think of it this way; would you hand in a resume with only half the required info?

2. Use keywords: Think about the likely keywords people would use to find the kind of service you offer. So, if you’re a digital marketing consultant you’d want to include keywords like: online marketing , internet marketing etc. Including these will not only help people find you on Linkedin, it will make you more findable on search engines like Google.

3. Customize your links: Assuming you have links to your wevsite or blog (which I hope you do!) – rather than just having boring titles like ‘company website’ or ‘personal blog’, think about what people would be searching for and give it to them. Using the digital marketer example, they could use ‘Digital Marketing Ideas’ as the link title for their blog.

4. Get recommendations: You can talk bout yourself all you want – but your words will never carry as much weight as someone elses. You can solicit recommendations from your colleagues or even trusted clients, and a good way to do it is by offering an exchange.

5.  Include a video: This is probably the most difficult of them all – but can deliver the highest return. It doesn’t need to be a Steven Spielberg production, just a 60 second intro telling people who you are and what you do. Alternatively, for massive impact, get someone to do a video testimonial for you.

Don’t be lazy!

If you put your mind to it, you could easily complete the first four tips in under an hour. And the video not much longer if you’re savvy with that kind of thing. So there’s really no exucse not to do it. Think about the potential gains such as landing a dream job or converting a massive lead, is the minute investment worth it?

Is your LinkedIn profile as good as it could be? What’s holding you back?

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