Using Negative Keyword Lists For Positive Effects On Your PPC Campaign

The low entry cost and ease of setup make PPC campaigns a great online marketing option for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, many businesses who setup their own PPC campaigns aren’t aware of a technique that could improve their performance considerably.Growth

When you set up a PPC campaign, you enter a number of specific keywords that will target only those looking for your specific product. However, broad match keywords will sometimes cause your ad to appear for queries that aren’t relevant to your product – if the person doing the search then clicks on your ad, you’ll be charged for a click that’s most likely irrelevant.

Negative Keywords To The Rescue

Fortunately, negative keywords allow you to filter out this irrelevant traffic to your site. They do it by helping control the clicks you receive, ensuring that they’re only relevant clicks, and therefore ensuring you’re only paying for relevant traffic to your site.

Let’s illustrate how they work with an example: Say your business sells men’s clothing. If someone types in a search for women’s clothing, you wouldn’t want your ad to be triggered – therefore ‘womens’ would be one of the first additions to your negative keyword list.

There are also a bunch of negative keywords that would apply to most campaigns, such as ‘free’, ‘cheap’, and ‘definition’ – research has shown that users searching these kind of words are not very high converters. For more negative keywords checkout this list of over 200 negative keyword ideas.

Negative Keywords

Adding Negative Keywords To Your Campaigns

Adding negative keywords to your campaign is quite easy. Google has the largest share of the PPC market, so for this guide we’ll assume that’s what you’re using – most platforms are quite similar anyway.

  1. Click on the campaign you want to add negative keywords to
  2. Go to the ‘keywords’ tab
  3. Click ‘add keywords’
  4. In the box for adding keywords, simply place the negative simple (-) in front of any words you’d like to add as negative keywords
  5. You’re done!

Top Tips For Using Negative Keywords

Google’s Keyword Tool is a great way to find potential negative keywords.

Whenever you add keywords to your campaign, think about negative keywords that you can add as well.

Use categorized negative keyword lists to stay organized.

Include negative keywords in search AND display campaigns.

Audit your negative keywords at least twice per year.

Start Saving

For people who consider keyword research a bit of a drag, having a whole new set of words to research might be the last thing they want. However, the increase in relevant traffic and associated cost savings will help ensure a successful ppc campaign. 

Are you using negative keywords in your ppc campaigns? Has it improved their efficiency?

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