Email Deliverability: 5 Tips For Dodging The Intricate Web Of Spam Filters

According to research on email deliverability, one in six marketing emails don’t reach the recipients due to being mistakenly blocked by spam filters. 


Obviously, having approximately 16% of your email marketing wasted is not what you want. The surprising thing is that the sender generally has more influence on the deliverability of their emails, which is fortunate, as it means there are ways you can significantly increase the deliverability of your emails.

Tips For Increasing Email Deliverability

#1 Request a Whitelisting

A simple way to avoid deliverability issues is to request your subscribers whitelist you when they sign up. If you’re on the whitelist you don’t have to worry about any spam filter restrictions.

#2 Avoid High-Risk Words

Gimmicky words like “bonus”, “prize” and “free” are often associated with spam emails – so you should try to limit their use as much as you can. Using too many caps and exclamation marks in subject and body content can have a negative effect as well.

#3 Create a Positive Reputation

Email providers rate you as a sender based on your domain and IP (internet protocol) address. A great way to build high deliverability is to build a positive history with these providers; doing this is fairly straight forward, just make sure you only send solicited and relevant emails to your database. Sending too many emails that don’t get opened is a sure bet for landing on the blocked senders list.

#4 Don’t be forgotten

While you don’t want to harass your email list with hourly emails, it’s important you don’t space your messages out too much either. Why? If you go 2 or 3 months without sending an email, your recipients might forget who you are or that they subscribed to your list. Because of this, they might not open the email, or even worse they might mark it as spam. The best way to avoid this is to ensure you keep regular contact with your list; an email marketing schedule is the best way to achieve this.


#5 Check Yourself

An easy way to check whether your emails are arriving is to setup some seed accounts on various providers such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc. Setup around 5 accounts with each provider and include them in your email list. Then, each time you send an email, check these accounts and see if the email got through successfully.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

Be sure to keep track of your results. Take note of your email marketing metrics prior to implementing the above tips, then check the effects post implementation – you’re bound to see positive results!

Is deliverability effecting the success of your email campaigns? What steps have you taken to improve it?

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