Ecommerce SEO: 6 Ways To Fill Your Site With Unique, Relevant Content

In this post you’ll learn why good content is important to your e-commerce site and how to make sure it’s full of it. 

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The owners of many e-commerce sites don’t understand the importance of good content, they think that having a nice design and easy to use shopping cart is all they need. Their mentality is that providing a product or service that people want to buy, and setting up their site to easily purchase is all they need to do.

By having this narrow focus, they’re missing out on the benefits of utilizing a strong content strategy. Having high quality information on your e-commerce site delivers two main benefits:

SEO: Firstly, having a lot of unique, keyword loaded content is going to allow your product pages to rank a lot higher on the search engines which means more traffic which should convert into more sales.

Sales Facilitation: Think of it in real world terms. What kind of store are you more likely to buy from; the one with the helpful staff who assist with your purchase decision, or the one with the staff who stand behind the counter and play with their phone. For most people it would be the first; and it’s the same with e-commerce sites, those that provide relevant and helpful information are more successful than those with skimpy product descriptions.

Tips For Developing Strong Content

Write category descriptions: Most e-commerce sites optimize their category pages for primary keywords – the issue with thiss though is that most category pages have limited content, and consist mainly of images and links.  An easy way to fix this is to add introductory copy or descriptions for each category which appears above product listings.

Create a blog: Creating a blog is great for Ecommerce SEO as it adds more relevant content to your site. You can populate it with things like product reviews and how to guides for your most popular products.

Work on product descriptions: As mentioned above, most e-commerce sites use category pages for primary keyword optimization. Product pages are a great place to focus on long-tail keywords though. The problem with many sites is they copy manufacturer descriptions, which are also used by their competitors meaning the content isn’t unique, and less attractive to search engines. Taking the time to re-write your own unique descriptions will deliver excellent results. If you’ve got a lot of products and this is unrealistic, perhaps start with products with high returns which aren’t ranking highly currently.

Create buyer guides: Creating in-depth articles that teach consumers what they need to know to make the best purchase decision are especially useful for products that require specialized knowledge. In addition to being a great help to your consumers (hence building trust for your brand), these guides can be optimized for primary and secondary keywords to help with rankings.

Write product reviews: Similar to buyer guides, product reviews are a great way to build a relationship with consumers by providing them with helpful information. Reviews can also be filled with keyword relevant content to assist with rankings.

Let your consumers chip in: An often under-utilized method for creating content for e-commerce sites is encouraging comments and reviews of products from customers. People commenting on or reviewing your products will most likely use key terms in different variations to what you used, which means you’ll rank for related keywords that weren’t included in your product description.Cust Feedback


While a lot of e-commerce sites don’t utilize content enough, the ones that do benefit strongly from increased traffic, return visits and customer loyalty. Keep in mind that the majority of people who come to your e-commerce site won’t buy anything the first time. The key is to make them feel comfortable, and this is done by building a relationship through helpful and informative content. If you’re able to provide reliable and useful content they’ll be back with credit card in hand.

Do you have a content strategy for your e-commerce site? Are you seeing the benefits? 

If not, what’s preventing you?

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