Understanding Facebook Lingo

Facebook is the future. With a billion or so users, Facebook is now the world’s most popular social media marketing site and is an essential tool for any business, big or small. Facebook allows you to reach out to fans around the world. For many people, the various tools and lingo being tossed around are confusing, if not incomprehensible.

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But have no fear! We are here to walk you through some of the most important terms and basic concepts of the Facebook world. If you are new to Facebook, you should open up a Facebook profile and go through it as we go over the terms!

-Your Personal “Profile”-

If you want to do anything on Facebook, you will have to create a profile. Profiles are meant for people, not animals, businesses, or anything else. But in order to create a “page” for your business you will need a profile. Beyond that, profiles are great for keeping in touch with friends, family, and even business clients.

-Updating Your Status-

On your Facebook profile you will see a “status” box and in that box a simple message asking you “what’s on your mind?”  When you click on the box you can post a message, and that message, in turn, will be visible to your network. You can put pretty much anything in the box. For example, you can put a link to your product or to your favorite YouTube video. Your status box is a great and easy way to share information!

You can also use a Facebook “page” to promote your business and to create multiple status updates. Users and fans can even create their own status updates regarding information posted on your fan page.

-Fan Page-

A fan page is somewhat similar to a profile page, except it’s optimized for businesses, brands, and products, instead of individual users. Your “Page” is separate from your profile page, but in order to sign up for a Page, you will have to sign up for a Profile.

In order for people to see status updates and information on your Page, they will have to “like” your fan Page. Once your page is up and running, you can use it to promote your brand, product, or anything else.


So what exactly is a “like”? Have you ever seen that little thumbs up icon in your profile, news feed, or on external websites? That’s called a “like” and it lets other users know you “like” something. Whether it be a product, a friend’s status, or a news article, a “like” let’s your entire network know what you are into.

This “like” become a part of your status updates and is visible to your whole network. This “like”  can  also act as form of advertising and promotion to anyone in your network. Not  only that but the more “likes” something receives, the more attention it gets on Facebook. Many SEO pros also believe that likes are used in search engines, such as Google.

– Who is a “Fan”?-

This is a pretty straight forward term. A “fan” is a fan. How does one become a “fan”? By liking a Facebook page! And each time a person becomes a fan their personal network is updated.

– Who are your “Friends”?-

A Friend is similar to a fan, but for your personal profile. Most of the time friends are your actual friends and extended network from your “real” life. These are people you know, and as such they are a great place to start building your Facebook fan pages. Many friends will become fans of their friends pages, so make sure you get in touch.

-Understanding the “News Feed”-

We’ve already tossed around the term “news feed.” So what does it mean exactly? Your news feed gathers all of your activities and your friends activities onto one constantly updated page. Sometimes when you perform an activity, such as “liking” something, it appears in other people’s news feeds. News feeds are great a great way to spread messages.

-Holding an “Event”-

Looking to hold a party? An event is a great way to advertise your upcoming party, poetry night, or other special occasion. You can invite friends and also make it a public event. Public events often end up being recommended by Facebook itself to users the site thinks will be interested.

-Using “Apps”-

Apps are specialized software applications that users can add onto their Facebook account. These apps expand the functionality of Facebook by adding things, such as a shopping cart, to your pages and profile. Games are also a widely popular app.  Be careful, however, if you are too aggressive with your app promoting activities people will come to regard you as spamming.

-Photo Strips-

The photo strip refers to the photos at the top of your Facebook page. In general, these photos are the five most recently uploaded photos within your profile. You can use this strip to highlight products, events, and other things. To do so, simply add the photos and it should appear in the strip.


Ever been tagged on Facebook before? Tagging simply refers to a process by which someone attaches a name to a picture or specific person within a picture. When you are tagged, the photo will show up in your news feed and you will show up in other people’s news feed.


A poke is quick, simple little way to get in touch with someone. In a sense, it’s a quick hello and easy way to get in touch. When you poke someone it’s sometimes placed in news feeds.


The ticker is a part of your news feed. News feeds constantly upload themselves, but the ticker is constantly updated. It’s a small box on the left side of your news feed that shows the most recent activities from your friends and network.


Don’t want a public page? Are you looking for a more private space? Or perhaps a place that’s a bit more intimate and allows you to engage in some deeper discussions with your friends and network? If so, a Facebook “Group” might be just what you are looking for. Groups are usually created around a specific interest or topics. So if you are an SEO writer, you could create a Facebook Group called the “SEO Writer’s Guild.”  These groups are great for encouraging discussion and the sharing of ideas amongst one another.

Wrap Up

As you probably already know, there is a whole heck of a lot more to Facebook than what we covered here. Want to know the best way to learn about Facebook? Go sign up for an account and start exploring! You will quickly come to realized that Facebook offers many opportunities to promote your business and engage with customers.

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