How To Improve Your Restaurant’s Sales Using The 3Gs

Marketing can only take you so far. At the end of the day, you also need to have a strong product, which means you need to focus on the 3G’s! The 3 G’s of the restaurant business refer to Great Food, Great Value, and Great Experience.

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Your goal should be to do a good job in all three and try to excel in at least two. By following the 3G’s you will deliver a great product to your customers and that, in turn, makes it a lot easier to be a great marketer. Not only that, but it’s important to remember that while a strong restaurant marketing campaign will get people in through the door, if you want them to develop into repeat customers, you will need a great product to draw them back.

Great Food

Having great food is a must for any restaurant. If a customer can cook equally good food at home, and so can the diner across the street, why should they choose your restaurant? If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace you will have to make sure that your food stands out. And you should constantly evaluate your menu to find items that can be improved. Also, make sure you prominently display your menu, complete with prices. If customers are unsure of what types of food you sell, and how much it costs, they might ignore your establishment.


Great Experience

At first glance you might think that a restaurant’s product is its food and drinks. While that view isn’t necessarily false, another way to look at is that a restaurant’s actual product is the entire experience of eating out. This is why the 3G’s place so much emphasis on experience. From the general environment to the service being provided by wait staff, making sure that your customers have a great experience is essential!

For example, if you restaurant is located in a prime location with a great view, make sure you include plenty of window space. Also. make sure that your wait staff is always courteous and attentive to your guests needs. And make sure your restaurant has decorations and a general environment that adds character.

Even if your restaurant is a take away place, like a pizza parlor, it’s still important to make sure that customers have a great experience. For example, make sure staff answer the phone courteously, and that food is always delivered on time. You should also make sure that your store front is clean, and customers who come in are quickly assisted in picking up or making an order.

Great Value

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The price you charge for both the food served and the experience makes up the so-called value. You should closely and objectively examine eating at your restaurant to figure out what it is really worth, especially in the context of the local market.  Many fine dining restaurants, for example, serve “average” food but offer a much better overall experience. In this case, people don’t mind paying a bit extra.

Tips for Improving

So how can you improve your restaurant so that you keep increasing the sales for your restaurant? Improvements can range from courtesy training for your staff to remodeling your restaurant. When possible, you should try to figure out ways to impact both your food and experience at the same time. For example, perhaps you can serve some really unique dishes from a foreign country, such as Brazil or Japan. This will improve both the experience and food selection of your restaurant.

And always make sure you pay close attention to your customers. You should monitor reviews made online and surveys given out within your store to make sure that people are happy. These reviews should be examined within the context of the 3Gs and when you see a problem area, you should quickly address it!


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