How To Use Facebook To Make Money

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook offers great ways to make money! Wondering how? A great first step is to look at what other people are doing and figure out what makes them successful. After you see what other marketers are doing, you should find ways to improve on their ideas. The trick is finding the underlying “principle” that made their efforts successful.

But you’re probably looking for some more guidance. No worries, if you are looking to turn your Facebook page into a profit making machine, read on!

-Affiliate Marketing & Cost Per Click-

One great way to make money is to do affiliate marketing. In short, affiliate marketers sell other people’s products. If you can build up a page around a specific interest, whether it be lawnmowers or tech gadgets, you can use your page in affiliate marketing efforts. In order to accomplish this you will have to create a Facebook Page (essentially a “profile” for a brand or product) and attract a following of fans.

Another great thing about a special topic page is that you can use it for “Pay Per Click” or “Cost Per Click” campaigns. In short, people will pay you for each click that they receive through your site or page. For example, if you become an affiliate marketer for the next hot Facebook game or app, the developer will pay you for each click through to their product.

Basically, using your page you will share links for products and services with your fans and friends. Some of these fans will end up clicking on the link and as a result you will earn a little bit of money. Just be careful that you don’t overdo it and become a “spam machine.” This could cost you fans and even get you banned from Facebook.

-Selling Products-

Using Facebook apps, a business owner can convert their company page directly into an online store. People will be able to buy your products from your Facebook page! You can even make your page essentially “mirror” another sales website with apps like iFrames. These apps will allow you to essentially embed a mini page onto your Facebook page. Another great option is to simply post links directly to your online store.

You can also try “drop-shipping.” This is a technique in which the retailer never actually keeps merchandise on hand. Instead, you send customers to the distributor or even manufacturer. Essentially, you will act as a middle man driving up sales for a distributor and receiving a cut of the sales as a result.

Online Shopping1
-Tapping into Facebook Apps-

We’ve already mentioned the now ubiquitous Facebook app but they are so important that they deserve a section all to themselves. One very lucrative way to make money off of Facebook is to develop an app that serves a special niche. Apps can be used both for selling and building up your brand image. By building a great app you will also drive people to your Facebook page. You can even build your app into your affiliate marketing campaigns.

The best way to go about developing a Facebook App is to identify an under-served community or niche and build an app that fits their specific needs. You should also try to find ways to make your app stick out from competitors. See what other apps are doing and see what you can do better, or at least different.

-Herding Potential Customers to Paid Content-

You can also use your Facebook page to “herd” or direct customers to high-value content, such as e-books and webinars by posting snippets of the content on your page. The snippet is then linked back to your (or someone else’s) website. Like the other techniques already mentioned you will either generate money through a sale, or receive a fee of the sale from the seller.

You can also use your Facebook page to let people know about and sign up for your mailing list. After people sign up, you can follow up with them via email and let people know about your products or services. This helps you build an ongoing and stable relationship with your customers!


We have only scratched at the tip of the iceberg of Facebook! There are many ways to turn your Facebook page into a profit generating machine! Spend some time playing around on the site and figure out what’s already there and where you can add value. With time and effort you can build up business through Facebook!


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