The Magical Powers Of Blog Comments And How To Get More

More and more businesses are cottoning on to the fact that having a blog is a great way to build traffic and generate leads. Many though are missing out on one of the best benefits it has to offer: blog comments.Success


Too Much Content Focus

The problem is that many blog owners are focusing all of their attention on the content. Now it is true that content is the most important part of your blog, and you should always strive to create interesting, relevant and engaging content for your audience that will encourage blog comments. See how I underlined ‘engaging’? That’s because engaging your audience is really important. Engaging means getting them to interact, and interaction can be in the form of shares, likes or comments. All of these kinds of engagement are great, but comments are magical.

The Magical Powers of Blog Comments

There are two main benefits to getting comments on your blog posts:

SEO: Comments are fantastic for SEO. How so? Firstly, search engines love content, particularly unique content – and having a bunch of comments on your blog post gives a nice boost to the quantity of unique content. Secondly, people commenting on your post will most likely use key terms in different variations to what you used, this means you’ll rank for related keywords that weren’t included in your original post – pretty cool huh?

Authority: The other benefit of comments is that they build your authority on a subject, and position you as an industry leader. Think about when you view other peoples blogs, which ones do you assign more credibility; the one with 25 comments or the one with no comments?

How To Get More Magical Power (Blog Comments)

So now you know the magical powers of blog comments – here are some simple tips for getting more of them:

Ask a question: This is the simplest and easiest way to garner more comments. Think of it this way; how much easier is it to converse with someone who keeps the conversation flowing by asking questions? It’s the same with your blog, don’t leave it to your readers to think of something to say, give them some direction by asking a question.Questions1

Reply: If someone says something to you in real life, do you ignore them, or do you say something back? Hopefully you don’t ignore them.. It should be the same with your blog, if someone takes the time to leave a comment, you should take the time to respond, even if it’s just a thank you for commenting. They’ll be much more likely to comment again if you do.

Install a good commenting system: It might sound elementary, but a good comment system can be the difference between someone commenting and not commenting. If your commenting system is hard is hard to log into or requires users to take too many steps to comment; they’ll most likely give up. One of my favorite commenting systems is Disqus which is pleasant to look at, easy to use, and allows login from multiple platforms. If you’d like to see what other systems are available, here is an extensive list.

Create posts based on reader comments: Nothing shows your readers you value their comments like highlighting them in your content. If someone leaves a particularly inspirational comment, base a post around it and link to the readers profile or website. Another idea is to do a monthly post highlighting the best comments received in that period.

Use Your Next Post To Start Building Your Magical Power

Don’t sit on your hands – start garnering comments with your very next post. Use the tips above to attract the comments, and be sure to interact when they do. Don’t expect 30 comments straight away, but with a bit of persistence you’ll build a solid community around your blog and the benefits will be multiple.

Do you have a comment building strategy for your blog? Is it working?

Which blogs do you know of that are particularly good at this?

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