The Five Steps To Managing Your Online Reputation

If you are going to build an online reputation then you should draw up a strategy plan and outline the specific actions you need to take. With careful planning you can craft your online reputation to create a concrete brand and to deliver a specific message. You will have to build an image and deliver it to the so-called “netizens” of the Internet.  As far as your online presence goes, this might be the most important strategy you will use, so pay close attention.

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The Five Steps:

Step 1: Conduct an Assessment

The first step in many strategies is figuring out where you stand right now. You should Google your own name, brand, product, or company and see what the results are. For the sake of time and efficiency go ahead and concentrate on the first 2 to 3 pages. Next, take down notes, noting your position in the results, the URLs you are linked to, and the basic message contained within the URL.

Step 2: Identify Weak Points

Once you have drawn up the general picture of your search results you will need to analyze the results and figure out where the weak points are. Addressing these weaknesses will go a long way in building up your online reputation, so don’t over look this step.

The first thing you should look for are any negative comments regarding you. If there are any, you should see if you can delete them, or otherwise push them down the search results and ideally off of the first three pages. That way even if they are not permanently deleted, most people will never see them. If you come across things you want to promote, take note of them too so you can push them up the rankings later.

Step 3: Figuring Out Your Strengths

Now it’s time to figure out where you are showing up a lot. What is getting your highest ratings? Is it links from a Facebook account or Google Plus? Are you getting a lot of attention on Twitter? What about blogs and company websites? Anything there?

You should find where you are doing well and then you should start to put more effort into these areas. Publishing more information and content will help push you up the rankings.

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You should also pay attention to the types of sites that your target audience visits and start to build up your presence on those places. For example, perhaps there is a niche news site in your field and they take submissions? If so, publish, publish, publish!

Step 4: Crafting You Reputation Strategy

Now that you know where you stand you can build that perfect strategy that will help you build the image you want to present. Not only do you need to focus on where your content is showing up, but also what that content is. And going forward you will have to figure out what type of new content will help build your brand the best. Everything from blogs and Facebook posts to YouTube videos and online tutorials should be considered. Once you know what you want to publish you will have to identify the channels through which you can publish it. Social network sites, personal website, blogs, news sites, comment boards, and review sites are all great places to start looking.

Step 5: Let the Work Begin

So now you know where you stand, what your weaknesses and strengths are, and how you want to improve on your online brand and image. Great! Now what? Now you have to get to work!  You need to make sure you follow through on your goals.

If you commit to publishing two articles per week then make sure you publish two articles per week. Also, make sure to list list all of the relevant personal details, such as name or product, on your posts. Further, take some time to study SEO and create content that will bolster your reputation. And don’t forget to monitor your progress and continually recheck your name through search engines. If you see new trouble areas arising, address them immediately.

Concluding Remarks
Now that you have figured out where you stand and where you want to go, you have control! You will now be able to manage, or at least influence, the way other people see you on the Internet!  You will have to remain dedicated and continue to work on creating a consistent message but over time you will be able to build a great reputation! This will help you in your personal and business life.



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