How To Create A Restaurant’s Website That Will Draw In Crowds?

A website will act as the public face of your company, and remember first impressions are always very valuable. Your website will have to be well-designed, easy to use, and filled with valuable content. You will also need to market your site, conduct Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and use other promotional efforts to make sure that people are driven to your site.

Restaurant Mktg31In the following sections we will explain some of the key elements you must pay attention to when launching your website for your restaurant.

-A Catchy Design-
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a nice looking website must be worth a million. Your website should be engaging and inviting from the very first glance. It should be clean and give off the feel that it was designed by a highly-skilled professional.

-Keep it Simple-
Don’t load up a huge number of videos or songs that come blaring out of nowhere. And while having a flashy and interactive website can drum up interest, if its overdone you will drive away web users. You should also make sure that your website can be loaded quickly and that all of the functions work straight away. Also, make sure it is easy to navigate through your site, especially from the home page. If you insist on having a fancy intro, make sure you have a “skip” option.

-Make It Easy-
Make sure that your website is very, very easy to navigate. You will only get a few seconds of the user’s time and if you do not hold their attention, they will be on their way. One simple design is to have a top bar at the top of the website that then links to every important page on your site. Also, make sure every page links back to the homepage.

-Be Colorful & Use Logos-
Just because your website shouldn’t be a work of modern art, that doesn’t mean it has be be drab! Make sure you use some splashes of color, especially if the colors are associated with your restaurant or business. Also, make sure you use a consistent logo on all of your menus and other items.

-Keep It Sweet & Simple-
Your pages should be filled with useful content but don’t over do it! In general, web users are “browsers,” they quickly scan information in search of useful information. As much as possible, you should make sure that the most vital information is easily viewable on the screen without needed to scroll down. Also, your website should almost never require users to scroll side-to-side. Remember to use plenty of “white space” and do not let the website get cluttered with text and images.

-Write Content For the Web-
Writing for the web is different from any other medium. You need to get your point across quickly and remember that most readers will be scanning for information. Use short paragraphs and concise sentences. Also use underlining, bold type face, and such tactics to draw readers to important points. Finally, keywords should be placed near the beginning of the sentence and also at the top of the paragraph.

Getting the Most From Your Website
Only a decade ago domain names were extremely expensive. These days, however, most domain names can be bought on the cheap and cost little to maintain. You should register a short, easy domain name, preferably based off of your business’s name. For example, if your restaurant is Uncle Jack’s Diner, then see if you can register UncleJacks.Net or UncleJacksDiner.Com.

And after you get your website up and running, make sure you regularly review and assess its performance. Software programs can aid you greatly in this. Also you can use special coupon codes and other methods to track how often website views convert to business. Or you could simply create an online ordering system.

Anyways, here are some tips for promoting your website!

-Submit To Search Engines-
Right after you get your website up and running, you need to submit the content and the URL link to every major search engine. Google, Yahoo, and Bing should all be at the top of the list!

-Start Linking-
It’s all about who you know, right? Search engines judge websites by the other websites it is “linked” to. You can link with restaurants in your community and try to get review sites and others to link to your restaurant. You can also sign up for restaurant database sites like

Spread the Word
Put your websites URL everywhere. Literally. On your menu, on flyers around town, t-shirts, coffee mugs, the bumper of your car. Everywhere! You can also paste it over message boards on the Internet but make sure you are not spamming.

-Spend On Advertising-
If you own a large restaurant it might be worth buying some ad space on Google or another search engine. This is especially true if you have an online ordering system. You can run a “pay per click” campaign on certain key terms like “Chicago’s best Pizza” and every time someone clicks through to your restaurant’s site you pay Google for the view.

Having a world-class website is great, but it will only take you so far. Your website will have to be a component of an entire marketing campaign that should include promotions, traditional media advertisements, “apps,” and other methods. Not only that, but at the end of the day your restaurant will only succeed if customers have a great time at your establishment. So make sure the food is always tasty and well-cooked, and that your staff always wears a smile!





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