Why Social Mobile Marketing Is A Must For Any Business

Social media is the future of the Internet. Some respected experts even think that we may eventually start doing most of our searches on social sites instead of through search engines. Google certainly seems to be preparing for that with Google Plus.

Social media is popular on both traditional computers and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. People love staying in touch with their friends and updating their Twitter account or Facebook profile with their daily happenings. Now there are even social media sites, like Foursquare, that are designed primarily for mobile computing.

In the following sections we will go over some ways you can maximize your social media presence, especially on mobile devices.

Getting Out the Message

Social media platforms offer a great way for you to broadcast messages to the world. For example, you can update customers and fans on your various activities, such as sales or promotions. Also, instead of emailing coupons, why not Tweet them? Further, you can post interesting news stories and other things that can help you build a relationship with your customers.

Buying Social Ad Space

Various ad networks, including Google AdWords, let you target both mobile users and also social media users (or both at the same time!). Facebook, Twitter, and others all support internal ad networks that allow you to target their users. Best of all social media companies like Facebook can mine their users’ data and match your ad with the most relevant profiles. You can also select demographic data like age, geographical location, keywords, or just about anything else you find on their profile.

Be Visually Stunning

If you have visually interesting aspects to your products you can take pictures and then blast them through social media sites, such as Instagram. Not only that, most smartphones now have cameras. Think of these examples, if you create visually interesting ads around town or have extraordinarily tasty-looking food, customers themselves can become your photographer. Often people will take interesting pictures and then blast them across the Internet and through their own social networks, so this is a great way to expand your reach.

There (should be) an “App for That”

Creating fun apps for smartphone devices is a great way to engage potential customers. Apps are programs designed for very specific functions and then installed onto a smartphone. If you own an ice cream shop, you could create an ice cream themed video game branded with your own company brand. Or you could create an app that automatically updates users on promotions and special deals. These add value to your customers and engage them in their daily lives. The point is to be fun and engaging, while never being overbearing or annoying.

Don’t Forget QR Codes or Blippar

You can use Blippar and also QR codes to engage your customers, both in social media and through mobile devices. Most likely you’ve come across QR codes before, they are 3-dimensional bar codes that can be scanned using a smartphone’s camera. The camera’s mobile browser will then be redirected to a specific URL that you designate. Blippar works on the same concept but users simply scan the item itself and are given information about it. Many smartphone users love these quirky platforms so give them a try!

Know Your Customer

Perhaps the most important thing about any social media marketing campaign is knowing your customers. Who are the likely to be and what do they want? What are their needs and why might they be visiting your website? Social media can give you a great idea of who your customers are and from time to time you should take a moment to get to know your customers, even if it is just glancing through their interests.

You should also always keep in mind that most mobile users are on the go. So why exactly are they taking the time to stop and read your website or your email? What makes it so important to them? And how can you design apps and mobile sites to aid them? For example, if you run a chain of coffee shops perhaps you can design an app that helps customers find the nearest shop based on their GPS location.

At the end of the day the customer is the most important part of any marketing campaign so make sure you give them your full attention! If you do, you will have happy and appreciative customers!



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