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You’ve probably noticed that professional magazines and newspapers publish a lot of well researched and well written stuff. Just a quick glance through the Wall Street Journal or New York Times will confirm this. To be blunt, most of this content is of a higher quality than content you will find on blogs and other small websites.
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On the Internet, there is a habit of writers sharing information among one another. One person states a “fact” on his blog, another person restates that “fact” on her blog. Often then, many blogs are saying practically the same thing. And even worse sometimes those “facts” turn out to be false.

How is it that magazines, newspapers, and other publications are able to produce so much different and high quality content? Such well-run publications are able to produce completely and wholly unique content that no one has ever seen before.

If you want to find out how, keep on reading! We will provide some tips and insights that will help you improve the quality of your writing, especially in terms of the actual information conveyed.

Info From Real Experts

Most likely if you decide to blog on a health topic you will simply search around and visit some health websites. Then you will find some information, tie it into an article and move on your way. A journalist for a major publication, however, will actually take the time to call up a well-respected doctor and ask him or her for their opinion.

Now right off the bat you might be saying to yourself, “there’s no way some expert will take the time to talk to me.” While it is true that your name and title as an online blogger will not carry as much weight as a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, you’d be surprised to find out that many people will still give you a minute of their time, especially if you promise to properly cite and credit the information provided.

Head to the Library

Written books and publications are a great resource and they can help you diversify away from your Internet based resources. You can find a lot of helpful information at your local library. Not only that but at many libraries you can access academic journals online that would otherwise be closed to you from your own home computer, or else require an expensive membership.

Of course, at the end of the day the problem with the Internet isn’t that it’s the Internet. Instead, the problem lies with the fact that much of the research on blogs and other smaller websites is poorly conducted. One way to make your blog stand out is by doing a lot of research and citing it well in your articles. This will help you gain a more professional level of writing on par with the New York Times which will garner you respect and even followers.

Ask “The People”

The public is another great source of information. While you might not obtain the high level data and inside knowledge of a doctor telling you about the latest breakthrough in medical technology, you can find out a lot about how people on the ground perceive a given situation.

Think of this, the United States and Europe are both suffering from high unemployment right now. You could write an article rehashing all of the stuff you find on other blogs. You could also write an article using some academic research. And those articles might turn out to be quite good.

On the other hand, you could go out and interview people to find out how unemployment is affecting them. With millions unemployed it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to find some people willing to share their stories and experiences. Such an article would add depth and give your story a unique spin.

Condense and Edit

Now that you have gathered some world class research you need to polish it into a world class journal article for your inbound marketing effort. Think about how you want the structure of your article to be laid out. What is the main point you want to convey? How will you support it? And then once it is written, take a break for an hour or two but then edit the work for typos and grammar errors. This will improve the overall quality of your writing and help make your content stand out!


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