Mobile Marketing Mistakes that Will Derail Your Campaign

Mobile marketing shouldn’t be overlooked. By marketing to mobile devices you get directly in touch with your potential customers and become a part of their daily life. With smartphones and tablets becoming so popular any serious marketer will have to dedicate some resources towards developing a mobile marketing campaign. This is essential because response rates on mobile devices are far higher than PCs and mobile devices offer great opportunities in apps and features that can help you build loyal customers.

Mobile Mktg3Mobile marketing offers a wealth of opportunities, however, if you aren’t careful a few easy to overlook mistakes could derail your entire campaign. This could damage your brand and at the very least will waste resources and result in lost opportunities.

Don’t Text Spam

Do you like text messaging? Do you like text messaging potential customers? Great! But don’t over do it. If you send too many text messages, even if they contain awesome deals or key information, mobile users will start to ignore you and your messages. Worse of all people might start to associate your brand with a feeling of annoyance. Sending out multiple messages a day is almost always a mistake, so make sure you demonstrate moderation.

Ask Permission

You absolutely must ask potential customers for their permission before you start sending messages, emails, or information through any other platforms. For one, many countries have laws regulating how and when you can contact people on their mobile devices. If you are not careful you could find yourself in court. Secondly, many customers will become alienated if they feel harassed.

Permission Mktg2Malware and Spamware

Pretty much since the creation of the Internet there have been viruses and malware programs. Malware and viruses can destroy smartphones, causing users to lose hundred of dollars. Not only that, some programs steal confidential information, such as credit card numbers, and the monetary losses can spiral into the thousands.

If you are outsourcing to build your apps you have to triple check to make sure that the application is safe. One way to add a bit of reassurance is to work only with members of the Mobile Marketing Association, but even then you should still closely monitor your app software.

And somewhere along the way some marketers came to conclude that tricking customers into downloading and installing programs is a great way to get in touch. It’s not. Make sure everything you do is always above the table or you risk destroying your brand.

Security is a Must

It seems like at least once a year some major company loses customer data regarding thousands and tens of thousands of customers. Usually this ends up on the front page of news websites, but just imagine how many smaller leaks happen that never even get reported?

You need to make sure that all of your customers’ data is encrypted and that absolutely no untrusted third parties can access it. Not only will customers become alienated if you lose their data, you can also be held legally accountable.

Disregarding Mobile Specific Designs

Some people think that their traditional websites and emails are good enough for a mobile campaign. They’re not. Almost always it is far better to design your emails and a mobile site that matches the need of mobile users and their devices.

Mobile devices almost always have smaller and especially more narrow screens so make sure you put information into vertical columns. Also, focus only on essential information and make sure that users can quickly access vital data, such as location and operating hours.

Mobile devices also offer great ways to integrate with applications, such as calendars and making phone calls. These functions will offer you the opportunity to come up with creative ways to integrate your business into daily life of the user.

Mobile AppsDisregarding Mobile User Behaviour

Mobile users are a whole different breed of animal. While someone on their PC might just be casually browsing and looking at things of general interest, most mobile users are in search of a specific piece of information. For example, someone might be looking for the “best gyro shop in NYC” while walking down 5th Avenue. Make sure you provide specific information and things like easily accessible maps and contact numbers. Also consider launching geographically defined mini sites for major markets (like NYC).

The key is to help the mobile user. They are in search of some piece of information so you need to do your best to provide that info. This helps you build a relationship with the customer and thereby gain their trust. Don’t focus just on money, focus on the person behind the device and helping them out. This is sure to increase sales in the long run as you earn customer loyalty.



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