Promoting Restaurant Using Mobile Marketing To Increase Sales

Let’s not kid ourselves, the restaurant industry is super competitive these days. Many people have great ideas for restaurants and produce high quality food served in unique atmospheres. The problem is, this competitive marketplace is making it harder and harder to compete for the limited discretionary income of potential customers!

One way to reach out to new customers is with mobile marketing. This emerging marketing technique targets people with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. And since most people have such a device on them at pretty much all times of the day, mobile marketing is a near surefire way to get in touch with potential customers!

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Still not convinced of the benefits of mobile marketing? Read on and we will show you why it is essential for your business!

Five Factors That Will Empower Your Restaurant
Mobile marketing offers numerous benefits while keeping costs low. In fact, some people even think that eventually mobile marketing will become the preferred form of advertising, especially for small businesses.

We won’t waste our time trying to come up with a conclusive list of all the benefits of mobile marketing. We’d have to write for hundreds of pages. Instead, we will show you 5 of the best reasons to engage in this restaurant marketing strategy.

1. Low costs.
Let’s be honest, most businesses are cash-strapped. Even successful businesses are usually successful because they control costs. Luckily mobile marketing, including text messaging, is highly cost effective. You save on the printing and mailing costs of traditional marketing campaigns while texting itself costs mere pennies.

2. East to Track Results
If you send out a mailer there are few ways to judge it it’s effective. You could offer a coupon on the flyer and tell customers they must bring in the coupon to secure the discount but besides that it is hard to track.

Mobile marketing, on the other hand, offers numerous methods to track results! For example, you can purchase software that will measure the effectiveness of your mobile email and ad campaigns. You can also require customers to respond to the text, “like” your Facebook page, or take one of numerous other actions in order to secure a discount.

Restaurant Mktg33. Target the Right Demographics
With the standard text campaign you will be targeting affluent members of Generation X and Y. Most Gen X’ers and Y’ers not only own a cellphone, they are practically attached to it. These generations represent some of the highest spenders, especially in regards to eating out. Not only that, but to be blunt usually only people with a decent amount of discretionary income own a cell phone, so you can be confident that most of the people receiving your text will have the money to be customers.

4. High Response Rates Make It Cost-Effective
Did you know that print ads have a response rate of only 3.5%? After all that work and money printing up the ad less than 4 out of 100 people who receive it will ultimately respond. Mobile marketing campaigns, on the other hand, have a response rate of 15%! That’s 4 times as effective while costing only a fraction of the price!

5. Supports Other Forms of Marketing
You can integrate your mobile marketing campaign with other marketing efforts, thereby increasing the effectiveness of all individual elements of the campaign! For example, if you are running a YouTube commercial campaign you can ask people to “Text Free Pizza to 555-5555 to receive a free slice of pizza.” Or you can text someone telling them to check out the newest deals on your website. This helps add an element of interaction to your traditional marketing techniques.


Implementing Your Mobile Marketing Campaign
When you embark on a mobile marketing campaign you should set two goals: build up your brand image and bring in more customers. The number of ways to do this is nearly limitless but we will outline some of the most popular methods!

– Send Out Mobile Coupons-
People love coupons and discounts, after all who doesn’t like saving money? So why not send your customers a coupon code via text message. Then they can type the code into your online ordering system or provide it to your employees at  the store! The customers save money, you increase sales, and everyone wins.

– Ask for Input Via Text-
Are you thinking about adding a new flavor of pie to your restaurant’s menu? Instead of trying to figure out which flavor of pie customers will like most, just send a text and ask “what flavor of pie should we add?” Many customers will respond with one of their favorite flavors!

– Launch Text Messaging Contests-
One great strategy is to send out trivia questions and promise free gift cards to the first XX number of people who respond with the correct question. For example, you could text “who won the 2007 Super Bowl?” and give a ten dollar gift card to the first five recipients.

– Send Alerts Via Text-
Are you holding a daily promotion or hosting a special event? Maybe your customers would like to know! You can send them a text with the information, though you should be careful and not send too many updates or customers will start to ignore you.

Mobile phone text message or e-mail
– Utilize QR Codes-
QR codes are those two-dimensions barcodes that are often found on billboards, posters, and in magazine ads. Customers can use their phone’s camera to scan the imagine and find out information about a product or to receive a coupon code. QR codes are a great way to engage customers and create a more interactive experience!

The Basic Rules Of Successful Mobile Restaurant Marketing
There is no one way to launch a successful mobile marketing campaign but there are some general principles you should follow. Let’s go over them!

-Short and Sweet-
If you are sending a text remember that you have 160 characters in which to get the message across. So keep it short and sweet! If you are trying another method, such as email, remember that even the biggest smartphone’s screen is far smaller than a computer screen.

– Reward responses-
If customers aren’t biting on the messages, offer rewards such as a 10% discount to customers who respond to your text. This rewards the customer and increases interaction.

– Use Time or Quantity Sensitive Offers-
Have you ever heard of the artificial scarcity tactic? This refers to offering a great discount, say 25%, but limiting it to either a short time frame or to the first XX number of meals sold. For example, you could offer customers a 25% discount from 8am to 9am, or for the first 50 meals sold. This limits supply for the discount and encourages customers to act fast. And if you are going to hold such a deal, using text to spread the word is a great method of communication.

– Send Meal Time Texts-
Timing is important for any text campaign. There are obvious things to consider, like not sending a text at 2AM. There are also strategies, like letting people know about your upcoming lunch specials by sending a text at 11am. This way they get the message just when they should be starting to crave lunch. These types of strategies will increase sales and response rates.

– Send Replies-
Whether you use an automated program or send the message yourself (most people will use a program) it’s a great idea to reply “thank you” for every response you receive. This will build up your relationship with the customer and also make them feel appreciated!




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