Key Factors To Consider For Email Marketing On Mobile Devices

Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc) are quickly becoming the computing device of choice for many people and as such more emails than ever are being opened on such devices. If you are into email marketing then you need to consider the impacts such mobile devices will have on your email campaign.

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While the basic mechanics and underlying fundamentals will stay the same, there are some important differences for designing messages that target mobile users. In the following sections we will outline these differences so you can maximize the effectiveness of your email campaign!

The Short Subject Line

The subject line is one of the most important elements of any email campaign, and perhaps even more so when targeting mobile devices. You will only have a short amount of space, about 20 characters, to grab the attention of a mobile user, who is likely on the go. So you need to write a clear, concise subject line with the most important words loaded into the front.

Who Is The Message “From”?

The “From” line is one of the most important elements of any email marketing campaign but often gets overlooked. People prefer to see emails from real people and familiar names or companies. This is especially true for  people who are checking their emails on the go. If your email address and name is not easily recognizable, chances are they will skip past your message.

Make Use of the Screen Space

Mobile phones have small, narrow screen spaces. Most likely your mobile readers will have to scroll in order to read the full message. So make sure you present information in vertical columns that quickly and effectively display information and hold the reader’s attention.

Mobile Screen SpaceKeep the Language Simple

You should imagine that you are writing a children’s book, not a novel. Use large fonts, and straight forward wording that is concise and packed with information. You want to make sure your message is both easy to digest while making sure that the content actually adds value.

You Need a Mobile Landing Page

If you have links in your emails (and you almost certainly will) then you absolutely must make sure that there is a mobile landing page waiting to greet people who click through to your website. This page should be formatted for a mobile device’s screen and should be able to be loaded very quickly.

The Same Old

It’s clear that a lot of things for your email marketing campaign will have to be changed or emphasized should you start targeting mobile users. That being said, a lot of the same old principles for regular email marketing campaigns remain the same and should not be overlooked.

You always need to ensure that your email passes spam tests. Autoresponder programs can tell you if your message is doomed to end up in the trash bin automatically, so make sure you check each and every email! It would be a huge waste to spend the time and resources to launch an email campaign just to see half your messages end up in the trash bin.

You also need to continue to integrate your emails, websites, and social media accounts into one concrete advertising platform. Many mobile device and smart phone users also use their device to check on Facebook and tweet tweets on Twitter. Making sure you stay in touch through social media is a great way to keep in touch! And make sure that you include as many touch points as you can manage in your email.

Last but certainly not least, you absolutely must track your results and be willing to adjust when you identify problems or ineffective campaigns. Make sure you see which messages are being read and which ones are not. When you see a popular message, slow down and figure out what made it work. And of course, when you see a message that didn’t generate buzz you need to figure out why people failed to respond. Also, keep track of the times that you send out your emails and try to figure out which times are generating the most results.

Test First, Send Later

Before you click send you should test your message on your own mobile devices and make sure that the message is coming across clear and the formatting is okay. This will take a few extra minutes of your time but these few minutes could save you from a futile email campaign, so make sure you invest the time!

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