How To Empower Your Business With Google Plus

Google Plus is one of the newer social media networking sites. The site attempts to combine the features and functions of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others to create a holistic social networking experience. As with just about any social networking site there are many opportunities to build up your brand image and strengthen your online business.

Building A Profile

As with just about any social media site, the first step is registering an account. Since Internet users will only give you a second or two to make an impression, you need to make sure you make an awesome one. You need to build an engaging page that reflects who you are as a company or person.

The first thing users will see is your picture, so make sure it’s a good one. If this is a professional account then make sure it is a professional quality photo with a good view of your face. After that you will have to select five photos to be placed into the top of the page. You should select photos that demonstrate you or your companies interests and products, or otherwise reflect your personality.

You will also have to write a tag line. This quick one liner should convey what you and your company are about in just a few words. Make sure you spend time honing this message because you only get a tiny amount of space. As for the rest of your written profile, you will get more room but you should make sure that you carefully hone your message in order to make sure that you grab and hold the reader’s attention.

Spreading Your Network

The first thing you should do is hunt down people you know, especially if they work in your industry. Next, you should span your search to include other people related to your field. You should also look for people who share the same interests with you. Most people are on Google Plus to increase their own network and meet new business associates or friends. Many will be very responsive to your overtures. You can then add them to your “circles” and they can also opt to add you to their circles.

Spread the Message

One of the best things about Google Plus is that you can share content with your followers and friends. You should share a lot of stuff, especially if you find it funny or if it relates to your interests, or is otherwise engaging. This way you can grab other people’s attention and they can even respond to you. You can also share with the so-called “extended circle” or the followers’ of your own followers. This will greatly increase the number of people your content spreads too.

Be A Chatter Box

Another great option is that you can comment on other people’s shared content and give them a “+1” along with commenting on their activities. You should be positive and supportive. Even simple messages like “that’s great” or “hey that’s interesting” can have a big impact on how people perceive you and your profile. People will also see the comments you make and many people will return compliments with compliments of their own.

This doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally disagree with another Google user. You can, but you shouldn’t over do it and if you do post a comment it should be polite and respect everyone’s views.

Lend a Helping Hand

One great way to gain more followers and to build loyalty through Google Plus is by helping out others. If someone is looking for information that you happen to have then you should provide them with it. For example, if someone happens to post a comment like “Does anyone know where I can find out about Internet marketing” and you happen to be an Internet marketer, you should get in touch with him or her. For one, you will earn the respect and appreciation of the user. Two, your comment and assistance will be broadcast to everyone else.

Helping HandGet  Exposed

Google Plus offers a lot of ways to increase exposure. For example, you can create Hang Outs and use these to offering information and help to other users. You can also create a Circle around a theme related to you and your business. This circle can then be widened by sharing it with your Extended Circles. You can also use the +mention feature when you mention another user, making sure that your post shows up on their profile.

Last but not least, make sure you keep things in perspective as you build up a following. While you may want to grab a thousand users a day, chances are your popularity will increase slowly and gradually. If you waste time stressing over how many followers you have and the rate at which they are increase then you will have wasted time that could have been better spent elsewhere. Instead, experiment with methods to grab followers and when you find something that works, repeat it and see what happens.


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