The Basics of Affiliate Marketing Tools

You may have heard of affiliate marketing, truth is, it’s one of the most effective and profitable ways of making money online. Affiliate marketing is a well developed field and there are a lot of tools you can use to aid you and your sales. Many of these tools can even help you automate various processes, letting you build a self-generating money machine.  Affiliate MktgWhile not everyone will become a millionaire off of affiliate marketing, many people can earn a good amount extra income. Affiliate marketing requires time and patience but your efforts can and will pay off. Let’s go over the basic tools you will need to get your affiliate marketing business up and running!

Researching Keywords

Keywords are what lands you hits on the Internet. In short, a keyword is a word that people search for. Working with keywords can get messy but luckily there are tools to help. A great keyword tool can tell you not only how many people are searching for the keyword, but also what the competition looks like for that particular keyword.

Selecting the right keyword where there are a good number of searches but not a huge amount of competition is the key to success. For example, if you want to target the keyword “car” you will most likely face a lot of competition from car magazines and car companies. On the other hand if you target the term “1957 Oldsmobile” your competition is quite likely a lot less.

One free keyword tool is Google Adwords which you can access here:

While Google Adwords is a great free tool that will help you determine the search volume for a term and perhaps even some general information on the competition in that field, you won’t get much in the way of details. If you opt to subscribe to a paid software program, however, like Market Samurai, you get the chance to read all of the “fine print” and figure out what’s really going on in the market.Adwords1If you are just getting started it might be best to start with Google Adwords to get a feel for the industry and market. As your business starts to pick up steam and you decide you want to take it to the next level you should definitely consider purchasing a premium keyword program.

Keeping Track of Analytics

Managing your promotions and keeping track of the results is absolutely essential for running a good affiliate business. Luckily, affiliate tracking software can provide you with the tools you will need to manage your business. There are numerous products available on the web but before you purchase a program make sure you do some research and read reviews, both good and bad, regarding the product.

Affiliate marketing software offers a lot more than a simple web analytics program like Google Adwords. Web analytics will help you plan and track performance but they can’t help you actually manage your programs like affiliate marketing software can.

Redirecting People Through Links

URL redirection redirects visitors who land on your page and automatically sends them to another location. Using URL redirection software you can gain control over your links and choose what they look like when visitors view them. You can also swap affiliate offers without having to change any of the links on your site. Link redirects are also important for safe guarding the affiliate ID that is contained within the links themselves. This is absolutely essential because this ID is how you get paid. There are numerous link redirection tools out there, so again take time and do research to figure out which one is the best for your needs.

Autoresponders and Convenience

An autoresponder is one of the most important tools for an affiliate marketer. This tool manages your email subscriptions and can be set up to send messages on a certain schedule (or immediately). Perhaps most importantly, it also tracks the results of your email marketing campaigns. With an autoresponder you can easily message thousands of people at once or send out series of messages on a predetermined schedule.

Talk To Your Web hosting Service!

If you need more help and tools you should check out your web hosting service’s website or even give them a call. Many web hosting services now offer a full range of services for web based businesses, including affiliate marketing services. Many web hosting services have built-in tools and templates you can activate to empower your system. Many also have site building tools that will help you create niche affiliate sites in a short amount of time and without any hassle. If you are still evaluating web hosting services then you should compare their affiliate marketing tools to see service is best for you!



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