5 reasons you should be using LinkedIn

Given the huge number of social networks that exist, for most businesses it will be ineffective to sign up for them all. After all, maintaining a presence on all of these sites is likely to take a huge amount of time and is unlikely to deliver a return on investment that justifies this. So engaging with the social media world is about picking and choosing which sites you’re going to become a part of. In this post, we will explore 7 reasons to make LinkedIn one of the networks you do engage with.LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social network. Rather than being a place to talk about your personal life, it’s a place to talk about your work life. Rather than being popular across society generally, it’s popular as a gathering place for professionals. This means that the reasons to use LinkedIn are different to the reasons to use Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn brings to the internet many of the benefits of real life professional networking. This post will look at 7 reasons to consider using LinkedIn.

Reason #1. Connect on a professional level – Because LinkedIn is all about professional communication, you don’t have to worry about trawling through updates about a colleague’s night out at the pub. Similarly, because all of your updates will be professional, you don’t need to worry about who’s going to see them.HandShake

Reason #2. Gain recommendations and contacts – If you’re on LinkedIn then perhaps an old friend will come across you. Not only can this be pleasant generally but it can also give you a chance to forge new business connections. Recommendations are also one of the site’s most useful features. If you have good recommendations, people will be much more likely to want to do business with you.

Reason #3. Find a job or recruit someone for your open position – If you’re looking for a new job then LinkedIn can enhance your chances. Even if you’re not, forging connections can help set the stage in case you need a position in the future. Conversely, LinkedIn can help if you’re looking to recruit someone.

Reason #4. Advertise – LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to run a PPC ad campaign targeted at a professional audience. This gives you a unique chance to run a different sort of PPC campaign.

Reason #5. Drive traffic to your blog and website – LinkedIn gives you a chance to promote your website and blog. With luck, this will also help you to network and increase your site’s SEO performance (if it leads to increased traffic or inbound links).

Do you find it useful to be involved with LinkedIn?

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