4 things customers want to see in your PPC ads

When designing pay-per-click (PPC) ads you need to consider a whole range of features including quality score, keywords and a good quality landing page. However, one of the chief things that you need to get right is making sure that the advert appeals to potential customers. When your advert displays in a search listing, the viewer won’t care about how much work it took you to get the advert to this stage. They will be concerned only with whether the advert offers them what they want.PPC

Using a search engine like Google, a potential customer is able to find an overwhelming amount of information with ease and somewhere, in amongst this information, is your advert. Even if you’re lucky, the customer may only glance at your ad for a few seconds before deciding whether to investigate further. This means that to give your ad the best chance of leading to clicks and sales you need to do your best to appeal to these customers. This post will explore 4 things that a potential customer wants to see in your ads.

Feature #1. An offer

Customers need to be given a reason to use your business rather than some other business. What can you offer? If you offer free shipping then mention it. If you’re having a sale then mention it. Offer the customer something.

Feature #2. Targeted ads

Customers want to see adverts that are targeted at them. This goes both ways: if you’re a local business, you want your ads to be seen by people in the local area but also people don’t want to see ads that aren’t relevant to them. If you only service the New York area then someone from Sydney doesn’t want to see your ads. Make sure you use suitable criterion like geographical location and keywords to ensure that the people who see your ads are likely to want to see yours ads.

Feature #3. Specific ads

Following on from the previous point, customers want to see ads that are specifically related to what they’re looking for. If they’re looking for a laptop they want to see laptop adverts, not adverts for a computer store generally. As such, you will ideally run more ads that are more specific. One way to do this, though not the only way, is through long-tail keywords.

Target Your CustyFeature #4. Designed to be read

It can be easy to write adverts that are aimed not at the customer but at the advertising network on which the ad will be displayed. So, for example, you might use appropriate keywords in the advert title. It’s important, however, to remember that your ads need to be designed to be read by customers as well as designed to appeal to the advertising network.

What do you think customers like to see in PPC ads?

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