Build your email marketing list: 5 ideas that really work

Running a successful email marketing campaign involves getting all sorts of things right. However, it’s so easy to get caught up in doing so that you forget the basics. Regardless of how streamlined the rest of your campaign is, it won’t be successful unless you have enough people on your email marketing list. In this post, I will explore 5 ideas for building your list.

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An email marketing list isn’t all about numbers. You want the people on your list to be interested in your business and hope that your marketing campaign will lead to conversions. Despite this, numbers are still important. The more potential customers you reach with your email marketing campaign, the more successful it will be. This post will look at a range of tips that will help you to encourage people to subscribe to your list.

Tip #1. Don’t make the subscriber do the work (do it yourself)

To encourage people to subscribe to your list, you should make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Make sure to include subscribe links on your website, blog and social media sites so that people don’t have to search for the list but instead come across it organically.

Subscribe By Email

Tip #2. Give freebies on subscription

Give people an immediate reward for signing up. This could be a free ebook, membership to a birthday club where the subscriber gets a special discount on their birthday, or perhaps a once-off subscribers benefit. Whatever freebie you give, you want to give people a motive to add their name to the list.

Tip #3. Give subscriber-only deals

Offer not just a once-off benefit to subscribers but a regular discount. For example, you could offer an exclusive deal each week to people on your email list. Not only can this increase subscriber numbers but it can increase people’s engagement with the emails you send out as they check the latest deal.

Tip #4. Use the offline world

You can also gather subscribers for your email list offline. If you run or attend appropriate events then give people the chance to put their name down there and then. You can even offer discounts at the event for those who sign up.

Tip #5. Encourage subscribers to refer others

Once you’ve built up a subscriber list you can use people on that list to drive even more subscribers. For a start, including a “forward to a friend” link makes it easy for people to pass details from your newsletter on to their friends. You can encourage such behaviour by providing a discount to people who encourage new subscribers.

How do you encourage people to subscribe to your marketing list?

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