4 tips for Facebook ecommerce success

For many brands, the principle purpose of maintaining a Facebook page is to generate interest for external websites or products sold in physical stores. However, the idea of selling goods directly through Facebook is becoming increasingly popular and presents an opportunity to reach a potentially huge group of customers. For many people, shopping is already a social experience and Facebook ecommerce gives companies a chance to bring that social experience to the internet. In this post we look at 4 important tips for running an ecommerce store on Facebook.

FB Changes

In many ways, running an ecommerce store on Facebook is the same as running an ecommerce store anywhere. On the other hand, the social nature of Facebook introduces a whole range of new opportunities and challenges. Fortunately, a few simple tips will help you to harness the social nature of Facebook.

Tip #1. Look at what apps are out there

There are a whole range of apps designed to aid with Facebook ecommerce. For example, Payvment is a app that is designed to make it easy for you to set up a Facebook ecommerce store. Investigating the apps on offer will help you to deliver a high level ecommerce store more efficiently.Payvment

Tip #2. It’s all about being social

The benefit of running an ecommerce store on Facebook instead of elsewhere is that Facebook is a social environment. If you fail to take advantage of this fact then you may as well run your store offsite. For example, the Facebook API includes the potential for reviewing, sharing and liking. Including these option on your ecommerce store means that customers can review your products and it will be shared in their news feed. This allows their interest in your store to have a flow on effect: not only do people who read the review come to know about your store but they also get an endorsement from a trusted source.

Tip #3. Engage your customers

Wildfire Promotions is an app that lets you run competitions and offer deals through Facebook. This gives you an opportunity to encourage customers to engage with your store. If you offer a daily deal, for example, this gives customers a reason to continue checking out what the latest offer is.

Tip #4. Remember customer service

Customer service is always important for an ecommerce store. It’s doubly important in a social environment. Make sure you provide a high standard of customer service by answering questions promptly and responding to customer concerns.

Cust Service

How do you think a Facebook ecommerce store should be run?

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