4 simple ideas for YouTube marketing videos

While YouTube videos present an exciting opportunity to market your business, the process of creating a video can also be frustratingly time consuming. In this post we look at the first stage of this process – coming up with an idea – and suggest 4 simple ideas for YouTube videos. Using one of these approaches will save you time by letting you focus on creating a successful YouTube marketing campaign.


The idea of a YouTube marketing campaign conjures up images of a growing number of video views and comments. Before this, however, and even before you can produce the video, you need to come up with an idea. In this post we look at four simple ideas for marketing videos that will let you jump straight into the next step and get creating a video.

Idea #1. Interviews

One idea for a YouTube marketing video is an interview. This can either be an interview with someone in the company that highlights a product or an interview with a prominent and relevant person that people will want to hear from. Either way, make sure the interview isn’t just advertising plain and simple but rather ensure it is interesting or entertaining in some way.

Idea #2. ‘How to…’

Most companies offer some product or service that lends itself to a ‘how to…’ approach. A ‘how to’ video is simply a tutorial, demonstrating how to carry out some task. So, for example, if you sold a bread maker you might release a series of videos showing how to use your product to make various types of bread. Make these videos entertaining and informative and there’s a good chance they’ll be well received.

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Idea #3. Product support

Along a similar line, you can use YouTube videos to respond to common customer queries. For example, if you sell printers, you can provide troubleshooting videos showing how to resolve common problems customers have with their printer.

Idea #4. Contests

One way of creating a video is to not bother doing so at all. Instead, run a competition for your customers to create a video and run the best of them in your campaign. Offer a gift voucher or product as a prize and you’ve created customer engagement before you even run the campaign! Not to mention you can select more than 1 video which can make this a simple technique for developing multiple videos.

What types of videos do you use in your YouTube marketing campaigns?

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