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Traditionally press releases were spread through only one channel – the media. However, in the modern world the internet provides a whole range of other channels through which to distribute your releases. One of the most prominent of these channels is social media. Social media gives you the opportunity to talk directly to your intended audience rather than having your message filtered by others. In this post we explore how to write press releases for social media.Press Release

Writing a press release used to be all about catching the attention of a busy journalist. A social media press release is all about catching the attention of a busy potential customer. Clearly, these two audiences are extremely different and so if you’re used to writing releases for one of them, you might initially find it difficult to adapt your releases for the other. Fortunately, some simple tips will help you to write a press release for a social media audience.

Tip #1. Write for social media

It sounds obvious but probably the most important thing is simply to remember that the two audiences are different. In practical terms, this means you shouldn’t just post the same media releases to social media that you send to the press. So when you write a press release for social media, keep your audience in mind.

Tip #2. Make it shareable

Social media is all about sharing so your social media release should make people want to share it and make it easy for people to do so. The main question to ask yourself is whether your release contains something that people will want to tell their friends. Also remember that, unlike a press release aimed at a newspaper, a social media press release can include videos. Done well, these sorts of features increase audience engagement with your release.

Tip #3. Use your campaign to communicate

As well as sharing, social media is all about communication. This means that your job isn’t finished when you put the release online. You need to remember to monitor comments and respond quickly. It’s your job to shape the conversation around your release so that it increases the effectiveness of the message.

Tip #4. Think about headlines

Whenever you write a media release you’ll think about headlines but when you write for social media, remember to think about headlines from the perspective of social media. For example, don’t write a headline that just mentions your company name and an achievement. Mention whatever interesting fact is included in the media release. Also consider other factors. For example, if your release is going to be posted to your Twitter feed then keep the headline short enough so that it can not only be tweeted but also so that it can be retweeted.


What do you think makes a social media release successful?

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