10 steps to becoming a Google+ marketing pro

Google+ (Google Plus) may not be a social network on the same scale as Facebook but, particularly with certain demographic groups, it does boast a large number of users and so some businesses will find it desirable to maintain a presence on Google+. If you decide you’re one of these businesses then it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the needs of getting used to a social network that you may not be familiar with. This post covers 10 steps to becoming a Google+ marketing pro.


Google+ is still something of the new kid on the block for social networking and so many people are still unfamiliar with the site. Fortunately, for the most part, Google+ is easy to use and has many of the same features as other social networks. Following a few simple tips, then, will set you on the path to becoming a Google+ marketing pro.

Tip #1. Personalised URLs – Google+ doesn’t currently offer personalised URLs but there are a number of services including Gplus.to that will set up a personalised link to your profile.

Tip #2. Fill out your whole profile – and don’t forget images.

Tip #3. Use circles – If you regularly post messages that will only be of interest to some of the people that follow you, use circles to keep these groups separate.

Tip #4. Use saved searches on your brand and business name to keep up with what people are saying about you.

Tip #5. Promote your account – Just as with any social media site, promotion will help kick start interest in your account.

Tip #6. Post photos – A visually compelling image is likely to attract attention and encourage people to read what you’re saying.

Tip #7. Interact – Ask questions and run polls. Just as on other social media site, Google+ is about conversing with your customers, not just broadcasting to them.

GooglePlus Brand

Tip #8. Remember a call to action – When you run a campaign on a service like Google+ you should have an aim in mind. Are you trying to increase brand recognition or encourage sales? Remember your aim and make sure you use the site in a way that’s likely to achieve it.

Tip #9. Link your account to your AdWords campaign – +1’s for your campaign will add to your Google+ account and vice versa.

Tip #10. Create content for the Google+ market – Google+ has a different audience to other social networks. For example, it has more male members than female ones and has a strong following in the IT industry. Remember this audience when you create content.

What approach do you use for your Google+ campaign?

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