3 Twitter Marketing Warning Signs

Twitter marketing is a powerful approach to promoting your business. However, a poorly run campaign can also take up lots of your time and deliver very little in return. There are a huge number of factors that can contribute to the failure of a Twitter marketing campaign but, in this post, we will consider three warning signs that you can’t afford to ignore.


Success in social media always contains an element of luck. However, a strong campaign can minimise this element and give your campaign the greatest chance of succeeding. Unfortunately, particularly for those new to Twitter, there are a number of traps that it can be easy to fall into when using Twitter to market your business. This post will explore 3 warning signs that you’re not running the most effective Twitter campaign you could be (and will look at what you should be doing instead).

#1. Emphasising marketing over conversing

Your purpose in using Twitter might be to market your business but if your approach feels too much like a marketing campaign then it’s not likely to work. To a large extent, this is about the number of “marketing” tweets that you share: You don’t want to be constantly bombarding your followers with Tweets that feel like they’re just trying to drive them toward a product. The other crucial issue is tone – Tweets should sound as little like advertising as possible. For example, a product mention in response to someone’s question on Twitter will sound less like marketing than a Tweet specifically calling for people to “buy now!”.

#2. Forgetting to listen as well as talking

Twitter is not a broadcast medium but, rather, a communication medium. In running your campaign, it can be easy to focus on getting quality Tweets out there to the extent of forgeting to listen to what others are saying. Some listening tips: Tip 1. Make sure to run searches for mentions of your business or products. Tip 2. Respond to comments in a way that puts your best foot forward.


#3. Thinking professionalism = formality

Twitter is not a formal medium. Think of it not as a chance to formally present your business but rather as an opportunity to communicate with your customers. The tone should be friendly, enthusiastic and informal enough that people will find your Tweets interesting to read. It can be tempting to think that in order to be professional you need to write formally but this approach won’t work on Twitter.

What Twitter marketing mistakes have you made (or noticed others making)?

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