4 killer tools for Facebook marketing

Getting a powerful Facebook promotional campaign up and run is a challenging endeavour. Not only are there a whole range of things to take into account to give your campaign the best chance of success but luck plays a major role. As such, it makes sense to use any tools you have access to if they make the process easier. In this post, I will look at 4 killer tools for Facebook marketing.

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There are so many tools out there to aid the development of your Facebook marketing campaign that it can sometimes seem overwhelming and simpler to just do things without relying on such assistance. However, getting to know some of these tools will save you time further down the track and make your campaign more effective and efficient.

Tool 1. Choosing your domain name

If you want to run an integrated campaign across Facebook, Twitter and an external website you’ll want them all to have appropriately linked names. Fortunately, Name Vine (http://namevine.com/) provides a service that checks the availability of account names across both of these social networks and a range of website domains. This may not sound like much of a time saver but if you end up testing dozens of names, Name Vine can save you a substantial amount of time.

Tool 2. Customising your Facebook Page

Different users have different needs when they visit your Facebook page. Most obviously, people who are already fans of your page are likely to be looking for one thing when they visit and non-fans are likely to be looking for something different. Fortunately, Facebook allows you to use iFrames to create custom content. However, while iFrames are powerful tools, they can also be complicated to use. However, a number of tools exist to help you with this process.

Tool 3. Manage your account

Managing a Facebook account can be time consuming. Managing a Facebook and a Twitter account can be very time consuming. Managing a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account…well, you get the idea. Fortunately, there are tools out there to help you manage multiple social media accounts from one dashboard. One of the better known of these is HootSuite. Using this sort of tool can make managing social media accounts far more efficient.


Tool 4. Run a contest

To run a contest on Facebook you are required to use an app. However, a good app will not just be an annoying hindrance to running a straight forward contest but rather will offer additional features that will make running a contest easier or more useful. See here for a list of some of the best Facebook contest apps.

What tools do you make use of to manage your Facebook page?

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