The 4 laws of email marketing links

Links are such a small part of your marketing emails that it’s easy to forget that, in some ways, they are the most important part. However impressed the people on your marketing list are by the layout and content of your email, if they don’t click through to your landing page then they won’t take the next step and engage with your brand. In this post we look at the 4 laws of linking in your email marketing.Emails

Email marketing is hard work. You have to build up a list of interested people, design campaigns for different segments of this list and set up a landing page. After all of this, the reward comes in when the customer engages with your business either by buying a product or by involving themselves in some other part of your campaign. This engagement begins with the potential customer clicking on a link.

Law #1. Make your links obvious

This may sound, well, obvious, but a user won’t click on a link if they don’t know where they need to click. The easiest way to make your links obvious is to have blue text links (as opposed to linked images). Everyone knows what blue text means in an email. If you do have image links then make it as clear as possible that clicking on the image will take the user somewhere.

Law #2. Use plenty of links

Research has shown that having more links in a marketing email increases the chance of people clicking through to your landing page. However, remember that the links still need to be relevant and well thought out.

Law #3. Test your links

If your links don’t work then your entire email will have been wasted. Few people are going to bother to search for the appropriate page on your website if they can’t get there quickly. So there are two important points. One, remember to link to an appropriate landing page and two, make sure that all your links work and go to the correct page.

Click Here

Law #4. Customise your “forward to a friend” messages

“Forward to a friend” might be the right message for an email that people really will want to share with friends. If people are going to be sharing with colleagues or other business people, a different emphasis might encourage sharing. For example, you could use a phrase like, “Network with a colleague by sharing this email”.

What rules do you follow in placing links in your marketing emails?

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