6 ecommerce mistakes that are costing you sales

Running an ecommerce store can be exceptionally challenging and it’s easy to make a whole range of mistakes. Unfortunately, many of these mistakes will be costing your sales. That’s why it’s worth spending some time consider what mistakes you may be making and what you can do to fix them.


Thinking about all of the mistakes you’ve made on your ecommerce store may seem depressing. However, I prefer to think of it as an exciting opportunity to increase your sales numbers by making some simple changes. So in this post we will explore 6 ecommerce mistakes that might well be costing you money.

1.) Too few, too small images – There should be more than one image for each product. These should be large enough to make the product clear and at least some should show the product in context (for example, with clothes, someone should be wearing the clothes).

2.) Not treating pages like landing pages – Every page is a potential landing page. Can your customers navigate sensible if they arrive at your site on a particular product page rather than your homepage? Do you take advantage of your 404 page to advertise specials and direct customers to products?

3.) Not testing your site design well enough – What phrasing works best when you’re encouraging people to purchase? Where should similar items be placed to encourage sales? Test different possible combinations to find out and so maximise sales.

4.) Bad customer service – Make sure your products ship within a reasonable timeframe and provide clear contact details so that people can ask questions. Always try to respond to any questions quickly and in a friendly manner.

5.) Obstacles to selling – Is your checkout process simple and short? Do you require people to have an account to purchase? Try having a few friends purchase an item and see how natural they find it.ECommerce Cart

6.) Not listing related products and reviews – Make sure you allow people to review your products. Research has shown that people are much less likely to purchase a product if it isn’t reviewed. Try to encourage customers to review after purchase to build up an initial database of reviews. Also, each product page should contain a list of related products. If a customer doesn’t want the first item (or even if they do) they might well move on and purchase one of these.

What mistakes would you advise others to avoid with their ecommerce store?

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