YouTube feedback: 3 ways to analyse your video campaign

Promoting your business through YouTube is likely to be either expensive, time consuming or both. This makes it vitally important that you learn enough from feedback that you can take the most effective approach possible. Getting this sort of response is more complex than it may seem. It’s easy to simply focus on one channel of feedback and to consider your job to be done. However, a truly effective campaign analysis will involve multiple approaches.

YouTube Broadcast Yourself

Once you’ve spent so long designing and implementing an advertising campaign on YouTube, it can be easy to slack off once it is made public. By this stage, it might feel like you’ve done everything you can (and after all, you will surely deserve a break by this point). However, one of the most important parts of crafting a successful campaign is analysing what works well and what doesn’t. This will allow you to improve your approach in the future and to modify your approach in the current campaign. This post will explore three ways of analysing your YouTube campaign.

Like/Dislike and YouTube Comments

The most obvious feedback mechanism on YouTube is that given by viewers through both the comments and the like/dislike buttons. If your campaign uses multiple videos, a comparison of the number of likes and dislikes for each can give you some sense of what works and what doesn’t. In terms of comments, you can read what people say without prompting but you may find you get more useful comments if you engage with the viewers and try to encourage further discussion.

Feedback by cross promoting

Social Media Icon2A crucial part of promoting your videos is mentioning them on your other social media accounts. If you use Twitter or Facebook, these can be ideal places to link to your video and create initial interest. This sort of promotion also has a secondary benefit: By promoting your video on Twitter or Facebook, you provide a platform for people to comment and discuss the campaign. To make this approach even more effective, you can consider explicitly asking for people to let you know what they think. This can help you determine what people like and don’t like about your campaign.

YouTube Insights

YouTube Insights is an analytics tool that provides you with a range of data either on an individual video or on all of the videos in one channel. This tool can allow you to determine when and where views are coming from, what the demographics of your viewers are and how people find your videos. It can also allow you to determine which parts of the video the audience is engaging with and provides analysis of the community engagement. This sort of information can be invaluable for developing your campaign.

How do you get feedback on your YouTube campaigns?

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