Writing powerful press release headlines

When someone reads your press release, the headline will be the first thing they read. Even more importantly, if you don’t get it right, this will probably be the only part of your press release that they read. There’s no point spending time crafting a powerful press release if no one reads it. This post will look at how to write a compelling press release headline.Mikes

We all know that press release headlines are important. However, sitting there, trying to think of that single, short sentence that will get people to read out release doesn’t become any easier just because we know it’s important. This post will look at some tips for crafting that winning headline.

Take your time
You know it’s important, so don’t rush the process. Every time you get tempted to settle with a line that just isn’t good enough, think about how important it is that lots of people read your release. Then think of how much time you will have wasted writing the whole release if you don’t get this final thing right.
Consider the competition
Look at other press releases on company websites or press release distribution websites (like 24-7 press releases). Which catch your attention? Pay particular attention if a headline out of your area of interest captures your attention because this is almost certainly well written rather than just a topic you want to know more about.

Consider your audience

Are you trying to appeal to editors in the media? To bloggers? Editors want something that can easily be turned into a news story, bloggers have more freedom to discuss what they please. Consider your audience when writing your headlines.

Think of newspapers (but don’t try to be clever)

A good press release headline should be like a captivating newspaper headline. This doesn’t mean it should attempt to be clever or include puns. It means it should be short, punchy and captivating to the audience. When you write your headline, ask whether it would be out of place in a good quality newspaper.


Think newsworthy, not promotion

Your headline should not be about promoting your business but rather about promoting the press release itself. In other words, don’t forget that the primary purpose of this is to convince people to read the rest of the release.

How do you craft your press release headlines?
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