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Its becoming more and more common for businesses to be active across more than one social network. However, communicating with customers and potential customers is only useful if anyone’s listening. Fortunately, there are a whole range of ways to encourage people to follow you on social media including simply asking them to do so. This post explores how to make best use of this approach to encouraging interaction with your social media accounts.
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Perhaps in an ideal world every time you wrote an interesting blog post or article for your website everyone who read it would begin to follow you on social media platforms. Unfortunately, the real world is nothing like this. Viewers might forget to follow you by the time they next log on to Facebook or the thought of following you might not even cross their mind. Simplying asking people to follow you is a big step toward getting around this problem.

Follow buttons
One of the standard ways of encouraging followers on social media sites is by using follow buttons. These are buttons that you can place on your website or elsewhere which anyone can click on in order to begin following you on some particular social network. In some cases, share buttons allow people to begin following you without even leaving your website. These sorts of buttons are available for a whole range of social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
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Follow buttons should be included on your homepage, somewhere above the fold (so that users don’t have to scroll down to see them) and in other places, like at the bottom of blog posts, where you expect interested viewers to look.

Asking in other places

There are also a range of other places where you may want to ask potential customers to follow you. For example, you may want to include such a request in your email signature. The people that you have email contact with are already likely to be interested in what you have to say so a request here might be especially effective. Similarly, you might want to promote one of your social networking accounts on some other social network (for example, promoting your Facebook account in a tweet).

In these cases, a graphic button might not always be suitable. However, you can still include a text only request and an appropriate link.

Have you had success with asking people to follow you on social networks?
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