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A Twitter account can be an important element in promoting your business. However, the need to constantly tweet can make it hard to come up with anything worthwhile to say. Occasionally, something so obviously interesting will happen that you won’t have a problem. Most days, though, you just want to remind your followers that your business exists and you don’t have anything big to say. This post looks at 13 topics to tweet about to help break tweeter’s block.
 Many Tweets
Sometimes it might feel like every new tweet you post has to be brilliant, original and totally unlike anything you’ve tweeted before. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. There are whole categories of updates that you can use over and over again. Relying on these categories can make it easier to come up with ideas about what to tweet. Here are 13 tweeting categories for promoting your business:
Offer deals: Offering exclusive deals to your Twitter followers provides a strong motivation for people to follow you.
Share: Share stories that interested you, particularly if they relate to your business.
Advice: Provide tips relating to your products or area of expertise.
Tweet live events: Twitter is all about immediacy. If your business attends any live events that your customers are likely to be interested in, why not make a series of live updates.
Talk about your projects: Got a new, interesting project. Let people know about it.
Ask for opinions: Conduct a poll or just more informally ask your customers what they think.
Behind the scenes: Pictures or information about what its like behind the scenes at your business.
Tweet a blog post: Just written a blog post? Why not promote it on Twitter?
Respond to followers: Don’t just ignore the people that follow you. Respond to their questions and comments and become part of a conversation about your business.
Run an interview: Exchange tweets with another user on Twitter in the form of an interview.
Market to the moment: For example, before mother’s day, write about mother’s day present ideas.
You can also use a range of tools to make posting easier. For example, Future Tweets allows you to schedule a time for your updates to be posted. For some people, writing these on mass is more efficient and saves them time. A tool like Future Tweet allows you to do this but also to space out the posting of updates.
What topics do you talk about on Twitter?
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