Marketing your business with Facebook contests

When using Facebook to promote a business we are constantly reminded that social media marketing is about interaction rather than broadcasting. However, interaction covers a whole range of possible approaches and so it’s important to consider which of these can most successfully underpin your marketing campaign. Contests are one valuable approach.


Facebook provides an ideal platform for running contests. Not only does it have a huge user base, but a large number of these users are looking to interact both with friends and with other people and businesses. However, this doesn’t mean you can just put up any old contest and expect it to be a success. This post will explore some factors that make for a successful contest.

Contest rules

The first thing you’ll have to do if you want your contest to succeed is look up Facebook’s promotions rules which are available in full here and are explained in plain English here. The basic point is that you are unable to run contests directly through Facebook and instead have to run them through an app. There are also a number of other restrictions that you should make yourself aware of.

Characteristics of successful campaigns

A successful campaign will be entertaining. While Facebook has a huge number of users, they are not a captive audience and so if what they see doesn’t entertain them, they’ll ignore it. An entertaining approach is the most important characteristic of a successful  contest.

Another important characteristic is that the contest should be run for long enough for word to spread. With some luck, if you leave the contest running for a sensible length of time, interested  users will spread the word and you will see strong results. Finally, contests should have a low barrier to entry. While some campaigns can involve making people put in a lot of effort and still succeed, you’re contest is more likely to do well if people can get involved without making too much of a commitment.

Previous successful contests

There have been a whole range of contests on Facebook that have enjoyed success. Familiarise yourself with at least some of them and spend some time thinking about what made them succeed. For example, Contiki ran a contest where people could plan a holiday and the entries that received the most votes won a holiday package. This campaign generated more than 10 million impressions because it remembered the cardinal rule: It was interesting enough to capture people’s attention.Winnig Man

Have you run a Facebook contest? What helped it to succeed?

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