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When you’re running an ecommerce store, it’s easy to be scared of feedback. After all, if you ask customers what they think, they might say something bad. Even worse, they might say something bad in public and put off other customers by doing so. This post explores how to use customer feedback as a positive part of your business approach.EshopThere are two important rules about customer feedback on ecommerce stores. The first is simply this: feedback matters. Customer feedback is not something you can simply ignore if you want your store to thrive. This first rule is probably obvious enough but the second can be more confronting. The second rule is this: feedback should be public.

The power of customer reviews

Public feedback on an ecommerce store tends to be in the form of customer reviews. Given the potential for negative feedback, allowing customers to review your purchases might seem like a dangerous choice but it’s a simple fact that customers trust ecommerce stores more if they can see what previous customers have thought of a product. On top of this, negative feedback may not have as bad an effect as you expect, particularly if you take appropriate steps.

Encouraging reviews

So that’s why you should seek customer reviews. The big question, though, is , how? Other than the basic step of allowing reviews, what can you do to encourage customers to provide this sort of feedback? The answer is that there are all sorts of things you can do.

Call to action

The first step is to make a call to action. This could either be on your website with lines like ‘let other customers know what you thought of this product’ or in an email sent out after a customer purchases a product (preferably you would utilise both approaches). Either way, this lets the customer know that they can provide a review.



Following this, you can provide customers with an incentive to review your products. Many sites offer tangible rewards for reviewers, normally in the form of either a discount off of the next purchase (which has the benefit of encouraging customers to return to your store) or entry into a competition. This reward can also be less tangible – for example, people like to feel that they are helping fellow shoppers so by mentioning these sorts of factors you can make customers feel rewarded for reviewing.

Make it easy

Finally, the easier it is to review a product, the more likely people are to bother. So if you email customers post purchase, make sure to link to the page where they would complete the review. You could also consider letting people give a score for the product in a number of categories by clicking on a star rating. Having categories can make it easier for people to figure out what they thought of the product.


Have you had a positive experience with reviews on your ecommerce store?

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