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Using Text Marketing To Promote Your Restaurants

Text messaging is a great way to build your brand, raise awareness about promotions, and otherwise get in touch with your customers. By following the strategies in this guide you should be able to make thousands of dollars off of a great text messaging campaign. The great thing about text messaging is that it allows [...]


Understanding Facebook Lingo

Facebook is the future. With a billion or so users, Facebook is now the world’s most popular social media marketing site and is an essential tool for any business, big or small. Facebook allows you to reach out to fans around the world. For many people, the various tools and lingo being tossed around are [...]


How To Use Groupon and Other Coupon Campaigns To Promote Your Restaurant

Coupon campaigns can be a great way to promote your restaurant. Groupon can help draw in new customers, and a busy restaurant is usually a great thing. For example, if a couple is walking down the street and sees that your restaurant is busy (unknown to them it’s because of a coupon campaign) they will [...]


Location-Based Mobile Marketing Helps You Build Relationships with Customers

Location-based marketing (LBM) has quickly emerged as one of the best forms of marketing in the world. LBM uses global positioning technology, usually linked with a smartphone, tablet, or car’s navigation system, to track where your customers are at and then offer them relevant promotions, information, etc. when they are near your store or business [...]

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Promoting Your Restaurant By Harnessing the Power of Google

Google and other search engines are powerful tools that can be used to track down information on just about anything. Often consumers and potential customers will search for restaurants and other places of business through Google, Yahoo! or Bing search engines. Learning to harness the power of Google can dramatically increase your business and brand [...]

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Managing Your Restaurant’s Online Reputation

Managing your online reputation is now essential. That’s a simple and unavoidable fact in a world empowered by Google and other search engines. Potential customers now “scout out” restaurants online, whether that be from their desktop PC at work, or on their mobile phone while riding the subway home from work. One major part of [...]

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Email Marketing – Getting Your Emails Read!

Email has all but replaced snail mail. The hyper quick, usually reliable medium allows people to near get in touch all with the click of a button. And now businesses can quickly send coupons, info, promotions, and other enticing things to potential customers. Due to its low costs and solid rate of returns, email marketing [...]

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How To Draw in Customers To Your Restaurant On “Slow” Days

Chances are, you pay your rent or mortgage for your restaurant’s location 7 days a week. And yet, you probably only really make money on two or three of the days. Some days of the week, like Tuesday, are simply slower than others and for a small business owner struggling to pay bills and turn [...]

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Content Marketing – The Key Inbound Marketing Component

Content marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing for any business, especially in the online world. Content marketing refers to marketing strategies through which you build relationships with potential customers and consumers. Instead of screaming “buy me!,” you offer people helpful and useful information, thereby gaining their trust. If you are looking [...]

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How To Improve Your Restaurant’s Sales Using The 3Gs

Marketing can only take you so far. At the end of the day, you also need to have a strong product, which means you need to focus on the 3G’s! The 3 G’s of the restaurant business refer to Great Food, Great Value, and Great Experience. Your goal should be to do a good job [...]